Why is each standard so obsessed about not being a methodology?

Caught-up (again) in the terminology trap?

I haven’t read the whole blog (Agile is NOT a Methodology | Agile Scout), yet, but I have seen “this” so many times before:

  • SWEBOK started it
  • PMI adopted it
  • IIBA copied it
  • Agile joined the crowd

As if Methodology was a terrible¬†and contagious disease that we wouldn’t want to have any association with.

I understand where all these positions are coming from and I’m not pretending to have a clear answer (partially, because¬†Methodology is such an overloaded term) to the “methodology vs. non-methodology” dilemma.

But, c’mon!, it sounds a bit like paranoia to me. After all, a methodology is not such a bad thing.
Plus, I’m not sure we really need an answer, either: common sense and experience should prevail!


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